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A Step Ahead Wellness‘ history goes back to A Step Ahead Prosthetics in Hicksville, NY and its founder, Erik Schaffer, C.P. Erik has been a prosthetist for over three decades and has dedicated his life to providing the best prosthetic care for his patients through meticulous craftsmanship, attention to detail, and striving to stay on the cutting edge of prosthetic advancements and technology. In this spirit, Erik recognized that the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD could be tremendously beneficial to his patients. He began trying some of the different topical formulations available, and realized that while they were helpful, none of them were suited to the unique needs of amputees. Erik decided that his best option would be to create his own formulations, and A Step Ahead Wellness was born.

A Step Ahead Wellness’ topical formulas were almost universally embraced by the patients at A Step Ahead Prosthetics, with many of them also saying their friends and family members used them as well on sore muscles or to prevent chafing. They became so popular that Erik decided to make them available to the general public with the motto “Formulated for amputees, made for everyone!”

To see our work with prosthetics, visit weareastepahead.com.

CBD topicals for sore muscle

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