Product: Wellness Bundle

Wellness Comfort 1 & Wellness Comfort 2+

A complete solution to residual limb care for amputees.


Gently shake the bottle to activate the ingredients. Open and begin evenly distributing in a circular motion over any area where you feel discomfort. Reapply as needed.

Purpose: To promote a healthy limb, enhance healing, and alleviate pain and discomfort. The first step to a healthy skincare regimen.

Wellness Comfort 1 is a pain relief topical. It is all-natural, fast-absorbing, scent free, and great to use throughout the day and night. Wellness Comfort 2 is a lubricant anti-chafing and pain relief topical. It is all-natural, scent free, hydrating, and great to use daily. Both contain the same active ingredients for fast, effective relief.

Good For:

+ All skin types

+ Inflammation

+ Phantom Pain

+ Soreness

+ Cramping

+ Arthritis

+ Skin Irritation

Comfort 1 and Comfort+ 2 were developed in tandem to be used as a regimen for amputees. We recommend the following usage:

In the morning, before putting on your prosthesis, Comfort+ 2 can be applied to your residual limb as a spot treatment to treat high-friction areas and avoid chafing; reapply as needed.

Comfort 1 can be applied at times you are not wearing your prosthesis. Apply all over your residual limb; reapply as needed.

Comfort 1
  • All day and night

  • Apply all over body

  • A fast-drying and absorbent topical

Comfort 2+
  • Can be used daily

  • Target specific areas

  • Hydrating lubricant skin protect

Formulated for amputees. Made for Everyone! 

As world leaders in the prosthetic and orthotic community with decades of experience, our goal at A Step Ahead Wellness, we have developed hemp-based topical treatments that address issues faced by people with limb loss. The formula combines CBD, Delta 9, and HHC to maximize its impact of anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. With fast-acting benefits, our products are created with the utmost care to help users cope with the daily wear and tear that comes with wearing a prosthetic.

Our innovative formulation and packaging were designed with meticulous care to help users cope with the daily wear and tear of wearing a prosthetic limb. We chose to base our topicals on CBD because it effectively reduces discomfort from chronic conditions and has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Our ingredients are all-natural, and the active ingredients are nano-emulsified to ensure rapid and effective absorption into the target area. Finally, the rollerball top reduces waste by dispensing the treatment directly onto your skin, eliminating the need to use your hands to apply it.